Prof. Sitan Zhu, visiting scholar 2016, Wuhan University and Prof. Mark DeKay


Green Vision Studio is a research lab directed by Professor Mark DeKay, RA, in the School of Architecture at the College of Architecture and Design at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Since 2001 , we have worked on downtown environmental planning, green infrastructure planning, climatic design consulting, professional continuing education, architectural scholarship, education and research. Project staff include graduate and undergraduate research assistants in architecture and in other disciplines, and collaborations with faculty at UT and other universities. Recently, we hosted an international scholar from China and a Fulbright artist from Greece. 

Who we are is the possibility of partnership and  teamwork dedicated to creating a breakthrough in design education and practice.

Mark DeKay holds the post-professional MARCH from University of Oregon in urban sustainable design and a professional MARCH from Tulane University. Prof. DeKay specializes in sustainable design theory and tools. He is author of Integral Sustainable Design: transformative perspectives, the first book to apply Integral Theory to design, and primary co-author of Sun, Wind, and Light: architectural design strategies, 3rd ed. (2 volumes), which considers the form-generating potential of climatic forces. Other work focuses on green infrastructure for downtowns and watersheds, urban form for daylighting, and climatic neighborhoods. He has two national AIA teaching awards, the UT Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, and was recently awarded the UT Chancellor's Award for Research and Creative Achievement. He is a Fulbright Fellow, and co-edits the UT/RedVector online professional continuing education program in Sustainable Design and Green Building. DeKay’s current scholarship is in architectural design strategies for connecting people to nature and for the human experience of natural rhythms in buildings and collaborative work on urban design for wind in Chinese cities..


Architecture Research Annex, 2124 Terrace Ave., Knoxville, TN

1715 Volunteer Blvd., College of Architecture & Design
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37919

Contact; 865-773-7177