buildings that heat and power with the sun, cool with the wind, and light with the sky  

Sun, Wind & Light, 3rd edition is a resource for designing with climate using site available resources. It helps solve issues of heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, power and pollution from energy use. SWL focuses on form-making strategies during the preliminary design phase, when the most impactful decisions that affect energy use and emission are made. It is organized into two volumes:

SWL Printed Volume (431 pages)

  • Multiple aids for navigation of the knowledge base
  • A new knowledge structure for net-zero design
  • 7 synergies and 9 strategy bundles
  • 6 high-performance building assessment methods
  • Condensed versions of favorite design strategies and tools

SWL Electronic Volume (445 pages, download from Wiley)

  • Searchable PDF e-book
  • Over 100 detailed preliminary design strategies
  • 29 design analysis techniques

SWL Digital Extras (free downloads)

  • The SWL Tools spreadsheet workbook for net-zero design
  • Climate Calendars data spreadsheets for 28 US cities
  • 700 pages of Climate Context reports for US climate regions

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SWL Printed Volume

0. Front Matter

I.  Navigation

II.  Using Sun, Wind & Light

III. Synergies

IV.  Bundles

V.   Favorite Design Tools, condensed

VI.  Favorite Design Strategies, condensed

VII.  High-Performance Buildings

SWL Electronic Volume

VIII. Detailed Design Strategies

IX.   Detailed Analysis Techniques

Appendices F–G








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The Big Gorilla

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