Integral Sustainable Design—Book review in Integral Review, Feb, 2013

by Michael Schwartz (PhD, Columbia University) Professor of the History and Philosophy of Art / Augusta State University, Aesthetics Editor / Integral Life

Integral Sustainable Design has been for me the single most important books on architecture I have ever read. It will be of interest to all manner of integralists and meta-theorists, will serve the world of sustainable design as a guiding manual, and for the non-expert can profoundly change one’s day to day experience of the built environments in which we can dwell.

Integral Sustainable Design, Book Review in Journal of Integral Theory and Practice

by Marilyn Hamilton, Ph.D., C.G.A., C.S.P., author, Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Hu-man Hive

In all respects, my expectations of DeKay’s work have been exceeded, and I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all those who seek a manifesto that meshes Integralism, Sustainability, and Design.

Integral plaudits, The Architectural Review, March 2012

by Peter Buchanan

If any architectural school is seriously concerned with preparing its students for the long-term future a very big if, I know then this book will play a central role both to guide and ensure the comprehensiveness of the curriculum and as a fundamental resource to be read by all students. It will be equally useful to all practitioners prepared to embrace a much expanded way of thinking about sustainability.

Integral Sustainable Design, Book Review in

by Lisa Norton

I cautiously use the word breakthrough to describe Integral Sustainable Design because I believe that until this book, no author had connected the dots from the still-emergent field of integral theory to design in such a way as to give clear instructions for its application, particularly to sustainable architectural practice.

Integral Sustainable Design: Transformative Perspectives, by Mark Dekay: Book Review in

by Aran Baker

DeKay argues convincingly that through weaving the technological with the cultural, the scientific with the aesthetic, design has the power to actually regenerate life and help transform society.

Integral Sustainable Design, Book Review in Construction Management and Economics, Oct 2012

By Lucio Soibelman, University of Southern California, USA

There are hundreds of books and other publications in this area but this book stands above the majority of existing publications in the field…… This book is a definite must-read for architectural students and all professionals engaged in sustainable design and green construction. It has a good balance of theory and examples. It would make my list of top 10 must-read sustainability books.